Graphics Programmer


This studio was launched to take on new challenges in the game business.

We will develop AAA class games and sell them throughout the world.
The work hours are fixed from 9:30 to 18:00.
We want you to deliver your utmost performance within this limited timeframe.

We believe that games can evolve even more in the future.
So are you willing to take on the challenge in this brand new studio with us?

【Work Content】
R&D of the latest cutting-edge graphics/VFX program using the game engine (Luminous Engine).
・real-time rendering of pre-rendered VFX using machine learning
・light map using ray tracing
・developing skin/hair shaders
・optimization of drawing system

【Aim/what makes this job interesting】
Our studio has the latest technology for both real-time graphics/pre-rendered movies, providing you a chance to grow with us together.
There are also many chances for technical exchanges with external top-level engineers, and opportunities to present your results and participate at conferences like GDC, CEDEC, SIGGRAPH.


【Work Place】
Tokyo ( SHINJUKU EASTSIDE SQUARE 6-27-30 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8430, Japan)


【Type of employment】
Fixed 9:30〜18:00※Scheduled work hours:7 hours and 30 minutes
※Cases may apply where work hours may differ from above due to company regulations.


【Holidays/ Paid Holidays】
Saturdays, Sundays, Japanese National Holidays, Year End Holidays (12/29 - 12/31), New Year's Holidays (1/2 - 1/3), paid summer vacations, and any other days the company deems necessary.
*3 days awarded from the first day, and after 6 months of continued employment 7 days will be awarded in addition.


Salary commensurate with experience and ability with due consideration, the company provide employees preferential pay regardless of age according to our company's regulations.
Adjustments to the aforementioned wages will be considered in responding to their ability and performance after joining the company.


Full-time employee / N Contract employee
*While an N contract allows for the shift to a full-time position, it does not guarantee it. Several factors, including personal performance and company need, will be taken into consideration when recommending an N contract employee for a full-time contract.

【Welfare benefits】
Travel allowance, social insurance, recreation facilities, and physical examination are applied.


【Required skills and experiences etc.】
・C/C++ programming skills, over 3 years game development experience or equivalent experience.
・Business level Japanese skills

【Desired skills and experiences etc.】
Real-time graphics program development experience for game development etc.
Team leader/subleader experience
English conversational skills(daily work communications)

【Application documents】 (apart from the resume and job history)
If you have no experience, include an original work or source code